Brief Mission & Vision of our Gurdwara Sahib

Gurdwara of Delaware aims to promote the observance and practice of our Gurbani teachings and to secure humane equality, brotherhood, love and solidarity among our members. We organize social, educational, and charitable activities to promote harmony, happiness, and peace in our community.

Brief History of Gurdwara Of Delaware

Gurdwara Sahib is a nonprofit organization, located in the city of Middletown in Delaware, USA. It was established in March 2013 to become a prominent Sikh Gurdwara in Delaware. The Gurdwara Sahib is open 7 days a week and holds daily programs for local Sikhs and visitors to pray and seek blessings of the almighty. It has registered members and volunteers. Since its establishment, Gurdwara of Delaware endeavours to consistently be involved in providing help and sharing (Vaand Shakna) with members of our Sangat and larger communities.


Our Gurdwara Sahib offers services to support the spiritual as well as other community needs of our Sangat members.


Following religious services are provided by our Gurdwara Sahib. Please click on "Read More" under a section to get detailed information about the service


Visit our library of books devoted to the history and principles of our Sikh religion. The education of Sikh children and youths is the highest priority for Gurdwara


As part of our community service program at our Gurdwara Sahib we look forward to offering the following services to our Sangat members

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No matter what your age is, whether you are male or female, you can get involved and make a difference. Together we can work on making our Gurdwara, our community and our country a better place. Please fill out the following form to let us know what areas you are interested in based on your skills and/or interests (e.g. School Teaching, Administration, Facility Maintenance, or Other Tasks).